It is literally the last port of call for for any business or individual that requires packaging for Christmas. Christmas packaging essentials are a hot commodity at this time of year, and are even more sought after during the month of December. Unfortunately December is also the period in which suppliers have run out of stock, and it will be difficult for you to find any stock at that time.

So what packaging for Christmas might you require come this December?

  • Well, for one, you will likely need plenty of stock of corrugated boxes and stock boxes. Corrugated cardboard boxes are needed for the delivery of goods (and gifts), so make sure you have ample stock.
  • If you’re going to be sending out boxes, then the goods within will need to be secured with tape. Packaging tape comes in many different sizes and type, so ensure that your business knows what time of tape is required and get ordering.
  • Strapping is another type of packaging for Christmas. Strapping will ensure that your Christmas package is properly secured and rigidly protected, and if you think that strapping is a measure unneeded, then you have not experienced the ease of manual hand strapping. Get your strapping supplies today!
  • Shredded paper and wriggly worms makes for perfect packaging for Christmas. Protecting goods within boxes, and filling out space in which good would otherwise move and break, shredded paper and wriggly worms will fill out your package and complete your packaging for Christmas.

Make sure that you place all your Christmas packaging orders today, before it’s too late. Give Design Packaging & Tapes a call, and we can arrange all your packaging supplies and make sure they arrive just before Christmas.