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At Design Packaging and Tapes we believe in providing our customers with the whole package, as we understand that the corrugated carton or protective plastic wrapping is just one aspect of your product’s packaging requirements. There are always a number of additional packaging materials that are required in order to complete the packaging process and to ensure that end product is ready, safe and secured for transportation.

In addition to our paper, board, corrugated, plastic and protective packaging products, we also specialise in self-adhesive labels that can be customised for any industry or company. Our label range includes stock standard labels both in solid colours, or printed with text such as ‘Handle with Care’ or ‘Glass’ labels which can be ordered in bulk year round. Our coloured labels are dyed in house which means that they can be customised to suit customer colour coding requirements. We have labels designed specifically for logistical and despatch purposes that can be printed to conveniently display all the important company information.
At Design Packaging and Tapes we know that having the right tools for the job is a non-negotiable, which is why we have included a range of applicators, dispensers, closers, glue slugs and strapping tools to name a few, as part of our product offering to ensure that we are your one-stop packaging shop.

Safety is always a priority, and therefore protective gear is a must. We’ve got a selection of latex gloves, building gloves, dust masks and a home and office necessity – first aid kit, to ensure that you get the most out of your Design Packaging and Tapes products, safely and securely. Our protective gear is not only for people but places and products too with A and B Grade Mutton cloth available for the protection of more delicate surfaces.

At Design Packaging and Tapes we endeavour to provide our customers with the highest quality packaging products, a great selection of tools, safety equipment and the best service.


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