In the packaging industry, strapping plays an essential role in keeping packages and pallets stable, secure and fastened through the reinforcement that strapping provides. Our strapping products are designed to offer support, durability, and ultimately are used to improve the strength and structure of the packaging products they hold together, combine or stabilise.

At Design Packaging and Tapes, we present the market with an assortment of strapping products including woven polyester strapping, polypropylene strapping, hand strapping, semi-automatic strapping, fully automatic strapping, polyester (PET) strapping and steel strapping. In addition to this, we also supply the tools required for strapping application as well as sealing – as there is no point in having one without the other.

Our strapping is made from steel, polyester and polypropylene – all of which are well suited for different strapping functionalities. Our steel strapping can be used for much heavier duty items that require additional strength and rigidity and is available in a galvanised or bright steel finish depending on your preference. Polyester strapping, otherwise known as PET strapping is a great alternative to steel strapping. It is also known for its strength, durability, high-tension and high-quality. It is also largely weather resistant and offers a long product life if used correctly. In addition to our steel and PET strapping, we also offer polypropylene hand strapping to be used for manual applications for lighter items, such as the securing of boxes. Should strapping not be the type of security you’re looking for, we also offer wire ties which are ideal for fastening and bundling items at home and at work.

When it comes to securing a parcel, package or pallet – you can rest assured that our strapping solutions won’t see you come undone. To get a better sense of what products and tools are best suited to your strapping needs, read about our full product range in more detail below.


Steel Strapping

Tie Strapping

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Open Seals for PET strapping

Non-slip Wire Buckles

Closed Seals

Poly Buckles

Open Seals

Wire Ties

Polyester Strapping (PET)

Fully Automatic Strapping

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Strapping Hand (Polypropylene)

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