Why Choose Die Cut Boxes?

2020-02-18T16:13:36+02:00Feb 5th, 2020|

If you're looking for a packaging solution then boxes are usually our go-to products for ensuring that items are properly delivered or at least properly stored. Paperboard or cardboard boxes were first developed almost 200 years ago in England when used in the food packaging industry. They are beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly cardboard is a dry packaging product. It also helps prevent a moisture buildup within the package, and this is something that plastic cannot do. Cardboard [...]

Benefits of Packaging Tapes

2020-02-05T14:48:40+02:00Feb 5th, 2020|

Without packaging tape the world would be a very messy place indeed! Boxes would have to find other ways and means of keeping themselves sealed shut, and there is literally nothing else on the market that is easier to use. So without packaging tapes we’d be without a number of benefits: Packaging tapes, in all their forms, can look entirely part of the package either because of their transparency or because of their buff to brown hues that allow them [...]

Uses of Double Sided Tape

2020-02-05T14:47:32+02:00Feb 5th, 2020|

There are many uses of double sided tape. The tapes utility can be used in a number of different applications, both in the office and at home. In fact, double sided tape can be used in ways that many of you would not think possible. Take a look at some of these clever applications. Make sure that you have rolls of double sided tape in the office. Double sided tape is mostly used for presentation purposes because tape remains hidden [...]

Tips on Packing a Cardboard Box

2020-02-05T14:46:04+02:00Feb 5th, 2020|

So you’ve got your hands on Design Packaging and Tapes’ high quality packaging equipment… but your quest does not end there. If you plan on packing boxes, whether in the office or at home, there are a few tips for you to follow to ensure that your cardboard box is packed snugly so that items are protected properly for either storage or transportation. Without further ado, here are our top tips on packing cardboard boxes: Pack larger, heavier items at [...]

5 Masking Tape Uses Around The House

2020-02-05T14:43:46+02:00Feb 5th, 2020|

One kid and a single roll of masking tape in an otherwise empty house can provide hours of fun, as well as an outstanding mess. But, that's not all a roll of masking tape can get up to. Here are a few ingenious ways you can use masking tape around the house. Pickup Sticks Or picking up little bits of crumbs and dirt in this case. Roll a bit of masking tape around your hand, sticking surface facing out, and [...]

Protecting Your Package

2020-02-05T14:42:31+02:00Feb 5th, 2020|

Any package is an asset, and whether you happen to be sending an expensive item over long distance, or an inexpensive item just down the road, it is in your best interest to keep the package safe and unscathed once it reaches its final destination. There are a few ways in which you, the sender, can ensure that your package reaches the recipient in good condition, just by using a few clever packaging accessories. The best way of ensuring safety is by [...]

Die Cut Boxes Are The Best Cut Boxes

2020-02-05T14:41:17+02:00Feb 5th, 2020|

When it comes to superior packaging boxes, then you can't go far wrong with die cut boxes. A die cut box is exactly that; a box that has been die cut into shape. The finest quality corrugated cardboard sheet is put into a flat die cutting machine where it is cut by sharp edged rules, or creased by creasing rules. This means that die cut box manufacturers can choose where cuts are made, as well as where creases are made. With [...]

The Magic Of Single Phase Corrugated Cardboard Roll

2020-02-05T14:40:16+02:00Feb 5th, 2020|

When you have an irregular shaped package to deliver or store it can be somewhat difficult to ensure the package's safety. Irregular shaped items are troublesome to place in regular shaped cardboard boxes, and once placed it often means that there is a lot of spare space in which you'll have to make up so that the object cannot move within the box. Instead of packaging the item in a cardboard box, why not consider using single phase corrugated cardboard sheets to [...]

Packaging Essentials For Your Business!

2020-02-05T14:39:25+02:00Feb 5th, 2020|

Every business needs to be equipped with a few packaging essentials. Whether you plan on storing items (a happenstance in every office) or you are planning on sending a package somewhere, it is important that items are protected. A few office essentials could mean the difference between sound or damaged assets. Every office needs to be equipped with a few slotted or stock boxes. Made from corrugated cardboard, a stock box is the perfect packaging tool for use in the office. [...]

On-The-Box Advertising

2020-02-05T14:38:34+02:00Feb 5th, 2020|

If your business requires large volumes of packaging supplies, you're probably got an important marketing tool at your disposal. Boxes, and other packaging, can be branded, giving your product and brand a little more exposure. What would seem so unique about branded boxes though? Well, a particular brand message can be directly conveyed to your target market. If you own a pizza fast-food restaurant then box advertising can convey a little 'thank you' message for the customers purchase. Extra product [...]

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