Twine packaging products are popular for their durability and robust nature. Twine is comprised of two or more material strands that are twisted together, generally in string or thread form. The intertwining of multiple strands gives twine its characteristic strength. Cotton, sisal and hemp are most often used to create the twine products that are used in the packaging industry.

Natural twine is the preferred product on the market due to its sought-after biodegradable quality and is also available in various tensile strengths. At Design Packaging and Tapes, we offer polypropylene, cotton and Sisal twine.

Polypropylene twine is made from polypropylene which is a type of thermoplastic polymer. Polypropylene is an affordable material alternative and one that has a relatively high melting point. The composition of the plastic polymer provides the twine with a substantial shelf-life and durability which makes it well suited for use within the mining, agricultural and manufacturing industries amongst others. It is also available in a range of different colours depending on the intended use; however the stock standards colours include black and white.

With the environment in mind, Design Packaging and Tapes also offers twine comprised of more natural materials such as cotton and Sisal. Our cotton twine is available in various thicknesses and is comprised of cotton fibres which offer a breathable quality and a natural aesthetic. This twine is particularly handy for stationery, packaging and craft purposes. The most natural of the twine product offerings is the Sisal twine which derives its name from the Sisal plant, which is known for its stiff, fibrous quality making it ideal for twine and rope making. Sisal twine is well-suited for general purpose use and is available in an off-white or cream colour.

At Design Packaging and Tapes, we stock a wide array of twine packaging products for you to choose from, if you can’t find what you’re looking for or you are unsure – please don’t hesitate to contact our expert sales team and let’s get you sorted.


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