Protective Packaging Suppliers in Johannesburg

Like our plastic packaging products, our protective wrapping and protective packaging solutions are aimed at giving you peace of mind by keeping your products safe and secure – particularly during the transportation of the goods. This in turn ensures that your company is protected from the additional time and expenditure spent on unforeseen damages and greatly reduces the probability of either. Our protective aids are used in a diverse range of industries as our products are practical, versatile and economical. The Design Packaging and Tapes’ protective packaging range allows you to plan and troubleshoot for any and every scenario that could expose your goods to potential damage

Design Packaging and Tapes offers an extensive supply of protective wrapping solutions for the South African market, including corrugated and angle board, bubble wrap, polystyrene, air pad films as well as many different forms of protective plastic products. Our protective packaging can be used for both shielding and cushioning purposes depending on the fragility of your product and its transport needs. Our plastic corner pieces are used to provide additional structure and stability to wrapped and stacked pallets in the manufacturing industry. These small but effective plastic pieces are vital in maintaining a pallet’s structural integrity. Our protective products are constructed out of carefully chosen materials that fulfil the specific protective roles required of them.

At Design Packaging and Tapes we strive to offer our customers products that provide ‘the best of all worlds’, which is why in addition to offering standard bubble-wrap for protective packaging purposes, we also offer cushion Kraft bubble wrap. This unique product combines the cushioning and padding capabilities with the strength and flexibility of Kraft board. This material is ideal for the furniture removal and logistics industry. Another fantastically handy protective material is airothene which is made out of LDPE and therefore can be recycled. This protective foam is also UV resistant, non-toxic, and CFC and HCFC free too and because of these, is ideal for multi-purpose and multi-industry use.

At DTP we know that protecting your products goes a long way in protecting your brand too, which is why we continuously strive to expand our protective product range to safeguard your products, and your profit margins too.


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