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Adhesive and Non-Adhesive Packaging Tapes

A wide range of pressure-sensitive packaging tapes is available. The adhesive is coated onto various different backing materials and is “sticky” to the touch, which adheres to surfaces using light pressure. There is normally a release agent used on the non-adhesive surface to ensure the tape does not stay adhered to itself and unwinds easily. Other packaging tapes include heat resistant tapes (adhesive and non-adhesive) as well as Water Activated Tape (normally known as Gummed Tape or Gummed Paper Tape). The Gummed Tape consists of a glue-based adhesive on a craft paper backing which becomes sticky when moistened. Our range of adhesive and non-adhesive tapes also includes the following:

  • Packaging Tape. One of the most common daily used tapes this pressure sensitive tape comes in many forms. The most common is a polypropylene-based tape which is usually a clear or buff coloured tape. Adhesives used also vary as they may be acrylic, non-acrylic, hot melt and even water-based, depending on what application for which the tape is chosen. The tape is mainly used for sealing corrugated cartons and is applied with hand held dispensers to much larger case-sealing machines that carry 1000 meter length rolls.
  • Masking Tape. This is an easy-to-tear paper based tape used mainly in the painting industry to mask off areas not to be painted. The most common type is the general household product which is used in most general applications. An “80˚” tape for higher temperature applications is also stocked. More specialised masking tapes can be supplied for specific applications. As with most adhesive tapes it is pressure sensitive so it should be applied with some downward pressure.

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  • Filament Tape. The base of this tape may be polypropylene or polyester and has fibreglass filaments embedded to add high tensile strength. The product is used in many applications where strength is required such as reinforcing corrugated packages or bundling heavy items. Again it is pressure sensitive.
  • Double Sided Tapes. This pressure sensitive based product comes in many forms and is used in a huge variety of applications. It is wound onto a silicone paper to prevent it sticking to itself. It may be a tissue tape or a polypropylene film although often the substrate is a foam which may be of varying thicknesses or widths.
  • Coloured Tapes. These pressure-sensitive tapes are used for identification and marking purposes. They should not be confused with electrical tapes.
  • Aluminium Tapes. Normally an aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive on a substrate of aluminium foil but reasonably easy to tear. It has many uses in industry where the most common width used is 48mm, although it can be supplied in other widths.

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