Printed Packaging Tape Suppliers in Johannesburg

At Design Packaging and Tapes we understand that tape is the glue that holds it all together, which is why we have a specialised range of adhesive, non-adhesive and pressure sensitive packaging tape on offer.

Adhesive tape unsurprisingly contains an adhesive component that is coated onto different backing materials and is “sticky” or ‘tacky’ to the touch, which adheres to surfaces using a light pressure application. There is normally a release agent used on the non-adhesive surface to ensure the tape unwinds effectively allowing for easy application. Other packaging tape types include heat resistant tapes (adhesive and non-adhesive) as well as Water Activated Tape (typically known as Gummed Tape or Gummed Paper Tape). The Gummed Tape consists of a glue-based adhesive on a Kraft paper backing which becomes sticky when exposed to moisture.


Double Sided Tape (Carpet Tape)

Double Sided Tape (General Purpose)

Masking Tape (60 High Temp)

Masking Tape (80 High Temp)

Clear Tape

Packaging Tape

Filament Tape

Water based Tape

Gummed Tape

Coloured Tape