Masking Tape Suppliers

Design Packaging’s masking tape suppliers supplies masking tape in an easy-to-tear paper based tape used predominantly in the painting industry to mask off areas not designated for painting. The most common type is the general household product which can be used in most applications. We also stock a “60 ˚” and an “80˚” heat-resistant tape for more particular high temperature applications. In addition to this, we also stock further specialised masking tapes for specific application purposes. As with most adhesive tapes, making tape is pressure sensitive and is best applied with some downward pressure. We provide businesses and industry with custom printed packaging tape and packaging solutions that meet industry and product specific needs at the most competitive rates

masking tape suppliers

mm x m x units

12 x 40 (72)
18 x 40 (48)
24 x 40 (36)
36 x 40 (24)
48 x 40 (24)
72 x 40 (12)
144 x 40 (8)