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Masking Tape Suppliers Johannesburg

masking tape suppliers johannesburg

We are leading masking tape suppliers Johannesburg wide

Masking tapes are applicable for a wide variety of uses. They have become a household item and are used in packaging applications to properly secure goods and services. Design Packaging and Tapes is the best Masking Tape Suppliers Johannesburg has to offer. We recognise the versatility of such tapes and produce them in a wide variety of colours and designs to cater to all sorts of requirements. Getting your boxes sealed is a task that is best handled by good masking tapes, our versatile tapes are available in both clear and plain variants allowing you to decide on which is the most suitable. Of all the clear masking tape suppliers Johannesburg offers, we stand out in our ability to incorporate strength, great adhesive ability and durability into our tape production and you can get all of these by simply placing your order today.

Wide range of clear and plain masking tape

At Design Packaging and Tapes, we make packaging very easy. When making a decision on which choice of masking tape you want to pick, it is important to consider factors like width, adhesive strength, transparency and colour. This allows you to narrow down your search in order to get the exact style you want. Tell us the application for which the tape is intended and we will give you the best advice on masking tape. Being the best masking tape suppliers Johannesburg can offer is a name we have earned by providing an all-round good quality in all sorts of packaging supplies with great focus on customer service. We specialise in giving you customised solutions and our clear and plain tapes let you handle packaging and sealing projects with ease. Experience the best masking tape suppliers Johannesburg offers with Design Packaging and Tapes.

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A strong reputation is not all we have. Having been around for more than 25 years in the design and packaging industry, you can count on us to always deliver. We deliver to all corners of the country and supply the best masking tapes in both large and small quantities. As the leading packaging tape suppliers Johannesburg wide, we bring newer and more innovative styles to you that ensure that whatever the need may be, it’s covered.  From clear masking tapes for more transparent applications that may require visibility to plain masking tapes, we guarantee you that we’ve got it all. Contact us today to place your order and have a first-hand feel of the best clear masking tape suppliers Johannesburg offers.