Paper Packaging Supplies & Board Packaging Products

At Design Packaging and Tapes, paper & board packaging form the basis of the majority of our product offerings. Therefore it is imperative that the paper and board produced and used by Design Packaging and Tapes is of the highest quality no matter what the end product and usage may be. When producing our paper and board products we consider if the product needs to be of food grade quality for a pizza box, or recycled paper for Kraft wrapping paper and single face corrugated board as this will determine the grade and quality of the board and paper supplied. Most of our paper and board products are designed to be multi-purpose, which in turn ensures that they offer our customers great value for money and are essentially economical.

Our paper and board products are available in recycled, Kraft, virgin and white paper and board materials. Recycled board is board that has been reprocessed and repurposed through the recycling process. This process entails shredding and pulping the board, as well as filtering, de-inking (if the board/paper has been printed on) as well as removing any possible contaminants, before the pulp is combined with new board production materials before being dried.

Kraft paper derives its name from the process used to create it: the Kraft process. Like most paper production processes, the Kraft process involves converting wood into wood pulp through the use of chemicals. The chemicals are used to separate the key structural elements of the wood i.e. lignin and cellulose. Lignin does not make for great paper and board, but cellulose does, which is why Kraft paper is a fantastic product. Kraft paper contains minimal amounts of lignin, it also isn’t exposed to chemical bleaching processes – these two factors mean that Kraft paper is stronger than its standard paper counterparts. It also means that the cost of producing Kraft paper is lower and it is more environmentally friendly and eco-conscious, which makes us love it even more!

We have a variety of paper and board products that go above and beyond your standard packaging requirements. Whether you require flexible protective board for a furniture removal company, shredded paper for fragile goods padding and packaging, or white paper towel rolls and toilet paper for industrial and domestic use, or even brown wrapping paper for a multitude of purposes, we’ve got you covered – literally!


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