Hard Paper Board

Design Packaging & Tapes are leading hard paper board packaging suppliers in Johannesburg. We stock and supply a variety of hard paper board products for various industries:

Green Lined Manilla Board – Used for various applications where a thicker board material is required in the packaging or printing industries. Often used in the manufacturing of plain or printed tags.

Emtini Liner – Used as a heavy paper/cardboard liner for storage containers or packing boxes where extra protection is needed. Often used as separator between layers within boxes or within palletised items for stability and in order to differentiate or separate different products placed in the same carton or on the same pallet.

Mill Boards – Can be used as insulation liners but may be used in various production processes, such as etching boards in the electrical  and circuit board industry.

Tar Kraft Papers and Board – These are papers which have been coated with Bitumen, are largely used for goods in the building industry where some protection is required from moisture and the resultant dampness. These could be paper or steel products. It is also used to cover products as a sealant in transit within containers. It is sold in roll form and may be reinforced if a stronger material is required for transportation of cartons.

hard paper board

480 sheets in a pack