Clear Packaging Tape

Clear Packaging Tape or Transparent Tape has a glossy finish, while is frosty on the roll, but invisible on paper making it perfect for writing on in pen or pencil. Clear tape or packaging tape is a type of packaging tape which is clear. Used for closing packages for shipment. It is usually two inches (48 mm) or three inches (72 mm) wide and is made of a polypropylene or polyester backing. We provide businesses and industry with custom printed packaging tape and packaging solutions that meet industry and product-specific needs at the most competitive rates

mm x m x units

12 x 50 (144)
18 x 50 (96)
24 x 50 (72)
48 x 50 (36)
72 x 50 (24)
48 x 100 (36)
72 x 100 (24)
48 x 1000 (25)