Printed Packaging Tape

We provide businesses and industry with custom printed packaging tape and packaging solutions that meet industry and product specific needs at the most competitive rates. Packaging tape is a form of pressure sensitive tape and is a daily necessity in most industries. The most common type is a polypropylene-based tape which is usually clear or buff in colour. The adhesives used also differ depending on the final application surface. Our range of printed packaging tape offers acrylic, non-acrylic, hot-melt and water-based adhesives. Packaging tape as the name may suggest is largely used as a sealant for corrugated cartons such as packing boxes and can be applied manually or with a handheld dispenser, as well as on an industrial scale with larger case sealing machines that facilitate tape rolls of up to 1000 meters.

printed packaging tape

mm x m x units

18 x 50 (96)
24 x 50 (72)
48 x 50 (36)
72 x 50 (24)
48 x 100 (36)
72 x 100 (24)
48 x 1000 (25)