In 1957, two interior-designers were playing around with plastic wrapping, trying to develop a new design of wallpaper that would be both funky and attractive. What they created was bubble wrap. As you can imagine, the wallpaper idea was a flop. The bubble wrap was not as long-lasting and attractive as they envisioned, but while playing around with the bubble wrap they realised they could use it for other functions.

They found that while bubble wrap was not robust enough to use as a wallpaper, the material could perfectly protect items for short periods of time. The plastic wrapping would protect the package or item from abrasion, but the tiny air bubbles would also protect the item from knocks and bumps. It was found to be particularly useful in protecting fragile items like glassware and ornaments.

The designers, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes, decided to patent and trademark their creative packaging design, and with a few investors they created the Sealed Air Corporation. But their design, with particular dimensions, did not stop other companies from making similar cushioning material of different sized and shaped air bubbles. Because other companies were able to do this, bubble wrap became the popular packaging material that it is today.

Bubble wrap can be bought in rolls from most packaging companies, and is used in a number of industries that use the bubble wrap to protect fragile items, or items that they want undamaged by water, dust, and abrasion. Bubble wrap is also incredibly cheap, and is very easy to use. Adapted for use by wrapping and sealing machines, bubble wrap can also be applied by hand.

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