Any package is an asset, and whether you happen to be sending an expensive item over long distance, or an inexpensive item just down the road, it is in your best interest to keep the package safe and unscathed once it reaches its final destination. There are a few ways in which you, the sender, can ensure that your package reaches the recipient in good condition, just by using a few clever packaging accessories.

The best way of ensuring safety is by considering the first layer of protection around the item being sent. Even if it is being sent in a box or an envelope it is worth wrapping the package in bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is a packaging essential. The plastic wrap is supple enough to wrap itself around all types of packages, and the bubble technology gives the wrap enough cushioning to withstand a few bumps along the way. The plastic will also act as a buffer from water damage if, you know, the package lands up falling into a puddle.

Package Protectors

Packages placed in boxes also need to remain stable, because being allowed to roll around loose inside a box is going to damage the item at some stage. It’s the equivalent of not wearing a seat-belt on car trips; packages need to be constrained inside of boxes. Make sure that fragile items are packed loose inside of boxes with wriggly worms for cushioning. Small polystyrene wriggly worms will fill up loose spaces in the box, and will also cushion the package. Airpad films do the same, although these air sacks are slightly larger than wriggly worms. Large open spaces within boxes, as well as the lining of the box, can be lined, supported and filled by foam pieces and/or polystyrene shapes too.

Strapping Boxes

Protecting your package with strapping will also mean that your package is securely fastened. Your package will benefit from the added durability, and boxes will always remain closed and contents will be firmly bound within the box. If any contents get removed during transit then strapping will have to be broken, allowing the recipient to quickly identify if there has been a theft. Make sure the package is first sealed with tape though. A well taped box will ensure that the box does not open unintentionally, and packages will be securely bound.

Corner Pieces

Protecting your package with corner pieces and edge cards will reinforce the corners and edges of boxes. Because these points of a package are the most exposed they are also most likely to be damaged, so making sure they are well looked after will likely extend the lifespan of the box and keep your package unharmed.

Make sure you start protecting your package with protective materials the next time you want to send an item, either long distance or via local courier. Your goods need to be ensured protection if you intend for your items to be untouched and unblemished. Make sure you contact Design Packaging and Tapes if you need protective wraps and other protecting materials.