When it comes to superior packaging boxes, then you can’t go far wrong with die cut boxes. A die cut box is exactly that; a box that has been die cut into shape. The finest quality corrugated cardboard sheet is put into a flat die cutting machine where it is cut by sharp edged rules, or creased by creasing rules. This means that die cut box manufacturers can choose where cuts are made, as well as where creases are made.

With this kind of customization, skilled manufacturers can make whichever shaped cartons they want. It all relies on how the box is cut and where creases are added. This makes corrugated cardboard easy to use in a number of applications other than that of making boxes. However, in box format, die cut boxes can be customized to suit the packaging needs of the customer, and can  be shaped to suit the item inside the package. This means that items packaged in custom-built die cut boxes are more likely to fit snugly, ensuring the safety of those goods inside. There is no space for the movement of items if the box has been made to the item’s specifications. Die cut boxes can also be supplemented with many different locking mechanisms that will provide further item protection.

Die cut boxes are also help marketing masters improve the display of products. Die cut boxes are tailored so well that they can include product ‘windows‘ in packaging boxes, allowing people to view the goods within. The can also include shapes and corrugated accessories like openings for display hooks in retail stores, or embossed or debossed patterns. No product should be without die cut box packaging to improve its appearance. Corrugated carboard can also be made into stands and retail displays on which products are placed. These die cut cardboard gondolas are the perfect marketing accessory in the retail space.

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