If you’re looking for a packaging solution then boxes are usually our go-to products for ensuring that items are properly delivered or at least properly stored. Paperboard or cardboard boxes were first developed almost 200 years ago in England when used in the food packaging industry. They are beneficial for a number of reasons.

Firstly cardboard is a dry packaging product. It also helps prevent a moisture buildup within the package, and this is something that plastic cannot do. Cardboard boxes also offer a moderate amount of flexibility. The box is able to bend and distort to a small degree, and still protect its contents. Harder packaging will break without bending, whereas softer plastics offer the item less protection. Production of cardboard boxes allow the boxes to retain a regulated shape, such as squares and rectangles, which assists in packaging and storage. The production of cardboard boxes is also relatively cheap, as the cardboard is made from wood pulp which is often applied to a mold which can press the cardboard into shape as well as offer corrugation.

But cardboard boxes are only the simplest form of this incredibly efficient technology. There are modern ways of molding boxes so that they can fulfill a number of different functions. By die cutting cardboard boxes, box manufacturers can make any number of customization to the box shape meaning they can be sealed in different ways, or supplement the marketing of the product within. There are a number of reasons why you should choose to use die-cut boxes for your packaging, storage and marketing needs:

  • Die Cut boxes can complement the items within. The customized shapes mean that items are no longer made to be able to fit the packaging. Packaging is specifically designed to protect the items with their own unique shapes.
  • Die Cut boxes, because of their customization, can be used to emphasize the marketing of the product. By placing ‘windows’ in the box, or outlandish shapes in the packaging, can really give attention to a brand that wants to be unique. This is only possible with die cut boxes.
  • Die Cut boxes offer various ways of sealing and ‘locking’ the package. There are the typical alternate tuck in ends locks, found on the majority of boxes, but there are also options of including crash locks and self-locking locks (commonly found on pizza boxes).
  • Die Cut cardboard can be used other then for boxes. Die cut cardboard can also be cut so that they can be shaped into point-of-sale stands as well as larger display stands.
  • Die Cut boxes are neater than regular slotted boxes. Another reason why they are so popular for marketing products. The use for die cut boxes is endless, and they are valued in many different industries.

Make sure that your product or package is covered, protected, transported and advertised by a die cut box. If you require custom die cut boxes, pre-die cut boxes, corrugated boxes, slotted boxes or stock boxes, contact Design Packaging and Tapes today! Our die cut cardboard boxes can also be branded and/or decorated to fulfill all your marketing requirements.