We use corrugated cardboard boxes for a number of different functions. From helping us store office items, to assisting us in the delivery of packages, corrugated cardboard boxes have many uses. But after using cardboard boxes are we expected to throw them away? How long is a cardboard box meant to last? How do I look after my corrugated cardboard boxes so that I can use them again and again? We may be able to help you with a few of these questions.

  • If you buy a high-quality cardboard box then it’s more likely to last longer. Make sure you source a professional corrugated cardboard supplier (like Design Packaging & Tapes) instead of reusing old cardboard boxes used by retail stores in their delivery of goods.
  • Yes, cardboard boxes are designed to be reused. Cardboard boxes are pretty environmentally friendly as they break down easily when exposed to the elements, but that’s no reason to feel good when throwing them out. Store your corrugated cardboard boxes and you can reuse them for all sorts of things from storing items to making shelves.
  • Make sure you remove old tape from corrugated cardboard boxes by using a sharp craft knife rather than ripping off the tape with your hands. This will only damage the box. Store your cardboard boxes in a cool, dark and dry location and you should be able to use a corrugated cardboard box for many years.
  • If a cardboard box is damaged, consider getting it replaced rather than reusing it. A damaged box can fall apart, spilling the items within and causing even more damage.

If you require a quality corrugated cardboard box supplier, contact Design Packaging & Tapes today, and we can get you a quote in no time at all, and we’ll deliver our durable boxes right to your door.