When you have an irregular shaped package to deliver or store it can be somewhat difficult to ensure the package’s safety. Irregular shaped items are troublesome to place in regular shaped cardboard boxes, and once placed it often means that there is a lot of spare space in which you’ll have to make up so that the object cannot move within the box.

Instead of packaging the item in a cardboard box, why not consider using single phase corrugated cardboard sheets to cover the item. This way you can avoid the pitfalls of using a regular shaped box. All one has to do is wrap the single phase corrugated cardboard around the irregular shaped and fragile item, making sure to double up the cardboard on protrusions that may be overexposed and that could suffer damage. A single phase corrugated cardboard wrap is flexible enough to cover the most oddly shaped item, but rigid enough to ensure the safety of the item.

Once wrapped in single phase corrugated cardboard, the item can then be placed inside a larger box, and any extra space inside the box can be made up using space-saving materials like air pillows or wriggly worms. If your business deals in packages, couriering and storage, then make sure you are never without single phase corrugated cardboard. If you need a supply of single phase corrugated cardboard, then make sure you contact Design Packaging & Tapes, your reliable packaging material supplier.