Corrugated cardboard suppliers in Johannesburg, like Design Packaging and Tapes, make sure that your businesses and homes are well stocked with corrugated cardboard that performs a number of crucial packaging functions. However, what do you do with all the cardboard once it has been used?

The most promising outcome for corrugated cardboard is to be stored and then reused in future. Cardboard is more durable than you think and can often be refolded into its intended shape, with the strength to carry and store more items. However, what if you have no use for corrugated cardboard? What other ways can you reinvent cardboard so you do not throw it away? Well here are our top ideas.

– Cut out the cardboard so that it may serve as a hanger. This is an excellent option for that thick cardboard box.

– Make your own iPad/Android Tablet cover. Very clever use, and easy customization!


– Use the cardboard to make a hat! School project sorted

– Thick cardboard can make a great bookshelf (if you have the time and skill to make one)

– And heck, it’s Christmas time. Make sure you use your cardboard for some cleaver Christmas decorations!

Hope you get some fantastic ideas for that old corrugated cardboard you have lying around. Remember to reduce and reuse your waste. For Johannesburg’s finest corrugated cardboard suppliers, contact Design Packaging & Tapes.