Corrugated cardboard boxes just about do anything to protect your assets from danger. They are soft enough to protect from bumps and abrasions, yet rigid enough to resist crumpling and can be easily stored. However, there exists a weakness for the humble corrugated cardboard box, and this weakness is water. A corrugated cardboard box does well to prevent assets from getting wet from splashes and small sprays of water, but with sustained exposure to water the box will become saturated and will disintegrate.

To prevent this damage from occurring, here are a few ways you can protect a cardboard box from water:

  • You can use lamination in order to protect a cardboard box from water. Get laminated sheets that are large enough to cover the top, bottom and sides of your corrugated cardboard box, and make sure they are stuck down without leaving any air pockets. This is a great way to reduce water damage on cardboard boxes.
  • One can use a number of other plastic packaging supplies to protect a cardboard box from water. If a box needs to be sealed and will not be opened until reaching a destination, then pallet wrapping a box with clear plastic sheeting should be enough to ensure you protect a cardboard box from water.
  • Tightly wrapped bubble-wrap can also protect your cardboard box from water, while also protecting the box with it’s bubble protection technology.
  • Simply purchase rubberized-coating to protect a cardboard box from water damage. A rubberized-coating can be purchased from a number of hardware stores and paint shops. A thin, dried layer of rubbarized coating on any box should be just enough to protect the box from any water splashes and even rain.

Make sure that you protect your cardboard box from water by employing any of the above techniques. However, if you require a supply of corrugated cardboard boxes for both the packaging, industrial and corporate use, contact Design Packaging & Tapes today!