Corrugated cardboard boxes are consistently used in a number of industries, and help with the packaging of a range of goods, from foodstuffs to mechanical parts. The danger of using a particular packaging product so often is that it can often pose a danger to the environment. Even if proper sustainable methods are used to reduce the disposal of packaging waste, there will always be instances where packaging materials are discarded inappropriately.

However, corrugated cardboard boxes are safer for the environment than other packaging materials. This does not mean that people should a assume they can discard their corrugated cardboard boxes anywhere other than in the normal waste treatment facilities. In those cases where corrugated cardboard is disposed of in the environment, it is better for the environment than plastic packaging. Corrugated cardboard and other paper based materials are broken down at a much faster rate than plastic based compounds.

Paper based packaging is broken down much faster than plastic. This can be done by natural processes between 10 and 15 times faster than plastic based products. However, paper based products are more damaging to the environment in the production process. The carbon footprint generated by producing corrugated cardboard and other papers is 70% larger than that created when producing plastic packaging. The fact that corrugated cardboard and other paper products

What does this tell us about corrugated cardboard and other paper-based packaging?

Well it tells us that corrugated cardboard is the best packaging product in a country like South Africa where limited recycling takes place. Although corrugated cardboard has double the CO2 footprint in manufacturing than plastic products, the fact that most waste is expected to degrade naturally in waste dumps, it makes corrugated cardboard the safer packaging option. However, in advanced societies where recycling is common practice, plastic packaging products would be the better option.

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