A century before the rise of the Roman Empire, the ancient Chinese Empire had a multitude of inventors that worked day and night to formulate new and interesting tools and devices to make life easier. Many of us today have these men to thank for creating some of the everyday items that we take for granted. One of their inventions was that of paper. Although papyrus had been invented hundreds of years earlier, it was the Chinese who created the industrial mechanism of processing wood so that its fibres could be glued to form paper. Nowadays we use paper for a number of functions, most often for packaging purposes.

  • Packaging with paper is primarily used for protective measures. Single phase corrugated cardboard rolls can be used as a protective barrier for large items that may be damaged from abrasions. The furniture industry that does their packaging with paper materials like single phase cardboard to protect the precious wood and material finishes on many of their products.
  • Tissue paper (of various colours) offers industries a further method of packaging with paper. The soft tissue paper can protect those extremely fragile items like glass. This packaging item is a ‘must-have’ for anyone in that industry. Shredded paper also works well with this application.
  • Wrapping paper is also used in a number of industries. No, it’s not just used to wrap Christmas prezzies. Brown wrapping paper offers businesses an easy way of packaging with paper, especially those businesses that deal in small to medium sized packages, and foodstuffs.
  • Besides packaging with paper, paper can also be used by businesses for their cleaning abilities. Soft paper towels and toilet paper gets used in and around kitchens as well as ablutions.

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