If you’re moving house, or you’re moving office, it is often our most precious and valuable items that get damaged in the move. And what could be more valuable than our furniture. Because many of you have good taste in home and office decor, your furniture often has wood finishing, or is made of valuable materials like suede or leather. When these items get damaged they are expensive to both repair or replace, so make sure that you use the following moving tips regarding moving furniture properly.

  1. Use corner protectors. Corner protectors and edge guards are made of corrugated cardboard and they stop square-edged pieces of furniture from getting damaged by abrasion. Corners on many pieces of furniture are the most vulnerable to being clipped or struck while carrying. Corner protectors will help protect furniture from this.
  2. Bubble wrap is not one of the most sought-after packaging goods for nothing. When it comes to moving furniture properly, make sure that you have plenty of bubble wrap handy. Bubble wrap serves as both a plastic sheeting, while also providing added cushioning support and safety. Wrap all pieces of furniture tightly with bubble wrap before taping it down in place with some adhesive tape. If you cannot afford such large amounts of bubble wrap, then virgin plastic sheeting will work just as well.
  3. For added furniture protection when moving furniture properly, ensure that you wrap exposed portions of furniture with corrugated cardboard over the furniture’s plastic wrapping. This will provide the last line of defense, and will provide the necessary buffer between the furniture pieces and the walls and frames of a shipping container or truck container.
  4. Use wriggly worms, shredded paper or any other soft space filler to restrict movement of smaller furniture items if they are packed within cardboard boxes. The space filling materials will also protect the furniture from abrasion and water damage.

Moving furniture properly requires a little more work than just carrying pieces of furniture without ensuring their protection. But, with effort, comes reward: you’re ensured that your furniture will be safely unloaded and placed at its final destination. If you require packaging supplies for moving furniture properly, contact Design Packaging and Tapes today!