Corrugated cardboard is a packaging product made from paper-based mash. The production process is quite energy intensive, and the product is used in a number of industries all around the world in vast quantities. So how on earth is corrugated cardboard meant to be environmentally sustainable?

Well, for a start, cardboard packaging is biodegradable. No plastic packaging measures are as environmentally friendly, and cardboard can degrade in the natural environment at a fairly fast rate. Not only is the material better for the environment, but it can be treated in ways that help keep food and beverages fresher for longer. Food waste has had increasing detrimental impact on the environment as the human population grows, and corrugated cardboard packaging has helped mitigate the damage.

Corrugated cardboard packaging products are gaining in popularity because of the benefits of using a more sustainable packaging compared to that of plastic. Because of the international interest in corrugated cardboard packaging there have been many developments regarding the manufacturing of the material. Since 2005 corrugated cardboard is approximately 12% lighter. Not only is the lighter cardboard as strong as the heavier older material, but production requires less wood fibres to produce. This makes production more sustainable, and fewer resources are needed to make a high-quality packaging item.

Many tests are being done to ensure that cardboard can be used in a number of different industries and formats. If treated correctly, corrugated cardboard can be used in similar functions to that of plastic, but with one other important difference; corrugated cardboard can be recycled in its entirety. The wood used for the manufacturing corrugated cardboard is also sourced from responsible forestry companies.

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