Without packaging tape the world would be a very messy place indeed! Boxes would have to find other ways and means of keeping themselves sealed shut, and there is literally nothing else on the market that is easier to use. So without packaging tapes we’d be without a number of benefits:

  • Packaging tapes, in all their forms, can look entirely part of the package either because of their transparency or because of their buff to brown hues that allow them to camouflage against the browns of regular boxes.
  • Packaging tapes can be used in all temperatures. Acrylic tapes are particularly adaptable. Either outside and in direct sunlight, or in dark and freezing cold fridges, acrylic tape does not crack, tear or lose adhesion.
  • Packaging tapes can be used in dirty and dusty environments. Not all packaging tapes though. Rubber tapes are the masters in this field, and they will bond to most surfaces.
  • Packaging tape supply can be worked in conjunction with production assembly lines. Hot melt tapes are quick to set op on dispensers that can have your packages nicely sealed up in no time at all.
  • Packaging tapes are resilient and can last a long time. Some tapes, like hot melt and rubber, will need to be changed more often. But acrylic tape can happily keep packages sealed and still look like new for many months and even years, making it perfect for storage.

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