There are many uses of double sided tape. The tapes utility can be used in a number of different applications, both in the office and at home. In fact, double sided tape can be used in ways that many of you would not think possible. Take a look at some of these clever applications.

  • Make sure that you have rolls of double sided tape in the office. Double sided tape is mostly used for presentation purposes because tape remains hidden after application. Used for posters and visuals on walls and other surfaces, the tape will remain hidden, ensuring a neat and clean look. This application is good in the home too, and double sided tape can help in children’s projects and posters. The magic of double sided tape is that it is a cleaner option than glue and old press-stick, and can be easily removed from mountings.
  • Double sided tape sees a number of uses in the marketing and retail sector. The reason for this is that many double sided tapes use a foam substrate or ‘middle’. The foam can be made to particular widths and heights, and this allows people to create 3D posters, stands and point-of-sale displays. If you are looking for double sided tape for retail environments, Design Packaging and Tapes has what you are looking for.
  • Double sided tape can also be used to install carpet tiles. There is actually a particular type of double sided tape designed for this application. If you are looking for double sided tape to install carpets, check here.
  • Double sided tape is also used in the fashion industry. There are particular makes of double sided tape that are used to quickly fix hems, or even to ensure that strapless clothing items, like bras, don’t come off easily. However, I’m sure many ladies have used general double sided tapes in the past, and they work just as well in emergencies.
  • Large width double sided tape has been used in the past to apply wallpaper too, and is a good way of sneakily applying wallpaper nowadays if you are leasing a rental.
  • Now if you thought the wallpaper tip was a bit outlandish, get a load of this. Double sided tape has been used as a tiny pest control device. If your house suffers from bedbugs, put a little double sided tape on the bed’s legs and it will stop all those little bed bugs from crawling out of carpets and onto beds. Double sided tape can also be used to stop aphids from crawling onto plants. Your rose bushes can be saved, all due to the nifty work of double sided tape.

There are likely to be hundreds of other uses of double sided tape, but we hope we provided you with a few extra tips. If you require a double sided tape supplier in Johannesburg, then why not contact the double sided tape manufacturer, Design Packaging and Tapes, for all your double sided tape needs.