Design Packaging and Tapes would like to request that if you have any outstanding bulk packaging supply orders to be made before the Christmas rush, that you make them as soon as possible. Design Packaging and Tapes is often inundated with requests, quotes and orders within the month of December. We understand that it is during December that our clients have their own orders that they themselves need to meet. But if all of our valued customers all request more high quality packaging supplies during the last months of the year, we are simply too overwhelmed to help everyone.

We find that our clients are particularly desperate for corrugated cartons, stock boxes, slotted boxes and die cut boxes at this time of the year. In the case of die cut boxes, customers usually require a level of customization for the boxes. This often prolongs the manufacturing process, and severely limits the number of orders that we can accept. The same is true for packaging labels and protective wrapping, paper and boards.

Packaging supply orders made in October will give Design Packaging and Tapes enough time to fulfill any order of any quantity. With time on our hands we can ensure that your packaging supply orders are met when required. Make sure that you contact Design Packaging and Tapes today to avoid the Christmas rush.