If your business requires large volumes of packaging supplies, you’re probably got an important marketing tool at your disposal. Boxes, and other packaging, can be branded, giving your product and brand a little more exposure. What would seem so unique about branded boxes though?

  • Well, a particular brand message can be directly conveyed to your target market. If you own a pizza fast-food restaurant then box advertising can convey a little ‘thank you’ message for the customers purchase.
  • Extra product information can also be printed onto the box. For example, if you own an internet shopping service, and you’d like to relay a little ‘returns policy’ information to the client, a small message can simply be branded on the side of the box. Think of the box as being the canvas for a product information and thank you letter attached directly to the item.
  • Box advertising is one of the most reliable forms of advertising. You can assure yourself that your advertisement message is being read by the customer, providing you with the opportunity to influence them and reserving that possibility of a future purchase.
  • Your advertising message can also differ according to the product within, giving you the chance to target specific demographics ie. those people most likely to purchase that product.
  • Box advertising is also cost efficient. You’re going to need packaging supplies anyway, so why not use the opportunity to add some marketing flair at a fair price. This option of advertising costs a lot less than maintaining a billboard or printing and distributing fliers.

Make sure that you spruce up your packaging boxes with a bit of brand advertising. It would be a shame not to. If you require packaging suppliers in Johannesburg or Pretoria, then make sure you contact Design Packaging and Tapes. We can also discuss a box branding strategy with you to come up with an effective box advertising plan.