If you’re sending something overseas via courier service, it is usually a good idea to package the item carefully. Many items get damaged on their trip across borders, and there should really be no excuse for this, unless of course the plane crashes or the courier warehouse gets set on fire.

But disasters aside, here are a few tips to consider the next time you’re packaging an item that is being sent overseas.

  • Find yourself a solid box within which to place the item. Overseas courier packaging starts with the box, so make sure its extra-thick, extra-sturdy and corrugated.
  • Make sure to protect the corners and edges of your box. Edge-protectors and corner-guards will ensure that those vulnerable parts of the package are stable and won’t crumple and break when the package is being moved.
  • Make sure that there is no space within the package for the item to move, and in the same vain ensure that the item is properly cushioned. Take a look at Design Packaging and Tapes’ long list of packaging goods, such as wriggly worms, bubble wrap, polystyrene shapes and foam pieces. These will ensure cushioning and stability.
  • Protect surfaces from scratches by wrapping metal or plastic items in a plastic sheeting. Paper can also do this job well, but it often leaves behind a little more filament.
  • Make sure that all electronics are coveredĀ in a non-static wrap.
  • If there are small individual items within one box, make sure that each item is individually wrapped and protected with cushioning. This is especially important if the items are crockery and china.
  • Glass items that are exceptionally fragile can be help together with adhesive tape. Masking tape can also hold cracked glass within a frame so that it does not damage the picture or painting which it is protecting.

Look after your package that you’re sending overseas. Ensure the correct overseas courier packaging and your item will get where it needs to be damage free. If you regularly have packages couriered then make sure you have your hands on the best packaging supplies. Contact Design Packaging and Tapes today.