One kid and a single roll of masking tape in an otherwise empty house can provide hours of fun, as well as an outstanding mess. But, that’s not all a roll of masking tape can get up to. Here are a few ingenious ways you can use masking tape around the house.

Pickup Sticks

Or picking up little bits of crumbs and dirt in this case. Roll a bit of masking tape around your hand, sticking surface facing out, and you can pick up any crumb-spillage in mere moments.


Got no large plasters handy? When the cut is just too deep and a little too serious for plasters, take a bit of clean cloth, place it on the wound, and then wrap tightly with masking tape. And we mean real tight. This will keep you stitched up just before reaching a clinic or doctor.

Air Tight

Make sure you use a bit of masking tape to seal holes in a vacuum cleaner pipe. This isn’t a permanent fixture though, but it will work for you until the end of the month when you can afford the hellishly expensive replacement.

Window PainĀ 

Make sure to use a bit of masking tape to safely remove a cracked window pane or a sheet of glass. Mark your window or sheet of glass with a big masking-tape letter X and it won’t break while picking it up. You can safely dispose of it this way. If you forget this helpful tip, you may want to refer to the subheading “First-Aid”.

Paint Mate

Now here’s the more conventional use for masking tape in and around the house. Masking tape will ensure that your paint does not run outside its ‘designated space’. Make sure that you contact tape specialists like Design Packaging and Tapes to find out which tape to use for particular applications. Tape can ensure that paint dries before reaching parts of the wall or surface that you do not want it to stick to. If you are looking for a masking tape supplier in Johannesburg, give us a call.