Your packages protect your precious assets, and whether you are sending packages or merely storing them it is important for others to know the content within, or at least understand the importance of the content within. That’s why packaging labels were developed:

  • Packaging labels can be bought in their plain white form so that package owners or couriers can write important information on the package. This can include lists of content, instructions for content, directions and addresses or other important information. Make sure that you source a packaging labels supplier that can make the plain white labels to your specification so that you can write the information you require. Plain white labels are also packaging labels that can be used by retailers that require them for product information.
  • Pre-printed packaging label stickers can also be made for you with customized details. Images and information can be given to packaging labels suppliers so that they may print the designs onto the labels beforehand. This can include branding, product information and any other details.
  • Fragile packaging labels can be provided by a packaging labels supplier. Fragile labels can be placed on products and packages to notify those handling the package that the items within are fragile, and they can be easily damaged.
  • Coloured labels are another kind of packaging labels that can be used for identification purposes. By using brightly coloured labels, handlers, couriers, suppliers and retailers can easily identify packages for certain functions.

A packaging labels supplier can provide you with all the above-mentioned labels, but only a professional packaging labels supplier can customize your order to fit your every requirement as well as deliver your order to your door. If you require an expert and efficient packaging labels supplier make sure you contact Design Packaging & Tapes today.