There are so many different types of strapping on the market that it’s sometimes a challenge finding out what kind of box strapping you need. Fear not! We have the answer for all your box strapping queries right here.

What kind of package needs strapping? 

This is the most important question when determining what kind of box strapping you need… heck, you may not even need the strapping for a box, but rather a bigger and heavier item.

Cardboard Box: If you are applying strapping to a cardboard box, it is imperative that you use a form of strapping that is sturdy enough to secure the item, and supple enough not to damage the box that is being bound. For this purpose, you’ll want a woven polyester strapping material. The material conforms very easily, yet still offers tear-resistant strength.

Uneven Shaped Item: Read above. Woven polyester box strapping is the best material if you want to strap an irregular shaped item.



Containers, Metal Pallets & Crates: It’s just not justifiable nor economical to use steel strapping on medium sized packages and storage units. For this reason, we recommend using straight polyester strapping. This strapping is extremely strong and very affordable. For wooden pallets and crates, it may be a better option to use polypropylene strapping, as it is less likely to cut into the package than straight polyester.

Large Crates & Containers: While this may seem a bit extreme in terms of box strapping, steel strapping is useful as a strapping solution for large containers and shipped products. No logistics business should be without a steel strapping solution.

Make sure you also have the correct strapping applicator when purchasing your strapping. Some strapping is made to be applied manually, while other forms of strapping require automated strapping systems. Speak to our consultants at Design Packaging & Tapes to find the perfect strapping solution for your business.