Polyester strapping is one of Design Packaging & Tapes’ staple products, commonly ordered and delivered by our loyal clients. Polyester strapping is used by any business in any industry that hopes to securely package and transport goods whether locally or even internationally. The strapping is sometimes used to secure packages to crates for storage measures too.

The benefits of polyester strapping are numerous:

  1. For starts, polyester strapping is incredibly flexible. For this reason, it is used on a lot of packages that are irregular in shape. That means that the package does not necessarily have to be square or rectangular to be secured by polyester strapping.
  2. Polyester strapping is a general purpose packaging product, so it is relatively easy to get hold of. However, finding a good strapping supplier is crucial if you intend on getting high-quality strapping, and not a cheaper product that snaps easily.
  3. This form of strapping is very easy to apply, and can be used in both automated as well as manual strapping machines.
  4. Polyester strapping comes in many diffferent sizes as well as colours. This means that businesses can use this form of strapping for cataloguing and warehouse means.

Polyester strapping does have a few limitations, though. For a start, there are a few stronger strapping materials on the market. Strength is sacrificed for flexibility when strapping with polyester, and polypropylene and steel strapping can be stronger. However, there is a difference between the strengths of woven polyester strapping and industrial polyester strapping (which will be discussed). Polyester is also harmful to the environment, and is not a sustainable environmental product (although there are measures that involve making polyester with wood-plastic composites).

Polyester strapping often comes in two different forms: a hardier industrial strapping (PET) and the more fragile but flexible woven polyester strapping.

For your supply of polyester strapping of all forms and for all functions, contact Design Packaging & Tapes today!