With businesses struggling to cope within the current economic environment, everyone is doing anything to help bring in that little bit more money. The retail industry is struggling most of all, as the consumers’ rand does not go as far as it used to. This means that fewer people are spending their hard-earned cash on off-the-shelf products. Retailers and product manufacturers are required to use every means necessary to make up for the shortfall. One way you can assure sales is by improving your product packaging. There’s three ways you can change your product packaging to help it move in the retail sector. These tips are based on some of the most current food packaging trends:

  1. People are less concerned about fancy packaging and more concerned as to how the information on the packaging is put across. Make sure that you have clear product information and labelling, using large and easy-to-read fonts. Additionally, you’re packaging for the consumer or layman, so don’t expect them to know product details that only an industry professional would understand. Get your point across simply.
  2. Personalisation is the big industry trend at the moment and any brand that utilises personalised packaging in South Africa is sure to set themselves apart from the rest of the crowd. With that in mind how you personalise your product and food packaging is entirely up to you and your brand, taking into account the products you sell. Examples of personalised food packaging include Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ packaging, or Johnny Walker’s online label design function.
  3. Ease-of-use is a big factor regarding food packaging. Consumers want packaging that does not take up too much space, is easy to remove and protects their food. Consumers aren’t willing to concede on any of these points. If you want your product to sell, then make sure you invest in all of the above factors. What will be difficult is ensuring the above measures, and also making your brand stand out from all others simultaneously.

If you’re expecting your products to fly off shelves in 2016, then follow the tips above. These 2016 trends are a definite way of ensuring that customers notice your products and make the critical in-store decision to pick them up.

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