Food safety is considered a part of risk management for a number of food manufacturing and retail businesses across South Africa. Most large food production businesses are insured against the legal risks associated with supplying the South African market with contaminated foods, but even if the immediate financial risk is alleviated the reputation and regard of the brand will suffer enormously. This is the reason why food security is an important part of the food manufacturing and food packaging process.

Food Security Culture 

The best way a business can ensure food security is by fostering a food security culture. The idea of ensuring food security by forging strict health and sanitation measures must be utilised at every point in the food manufacturing supply chain. Right up until the packaging is labelled, every effort must be made to ensure food is not contaminated. A food safety culture must be instilled in the staff responsible for applying food packaging as the first measure of food security.

Relevant Packaging 

Not all food packaging products can be used across the board on all food products. Some foodstuffs are eaten raw. Other foods come fully prepared and can be eaten straight out of the packaging. Hardier foods often have to be cooked and cleaned before use. In each case, different packaging needs to be used. Food manufacturers must make sure that the right packaging materials are used in the packaging of certain foods. Using the wrong packaging materials can also lead to food contamination.

Sanitary Application 

Applying food packaging is not as straightforward as one may think. As part of the food manufacturing supply chain, the application of food packaging is also done in a controlled and sanitary environment. Those responsible for food packaging require training to be able to apply food packaging measures while ensuring the cleanliness of the process. Surfaces have to be thoroughly cleaned, proper uniforms need to be worn by food handlers and packers, and heat presses and conveyors need to work at optimal condition to ensure effective food security.

The food security culture is as much a part of the food packaging process as the actual food manufacturing process, and for this reason, as much effort must be made to ensure that this stage of the food production cycle is effectively handled.

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