This is a good a question as any: should you or your business purchase packaging materials in bulk at the start of the new year, or should you restrict your order to month-to-month purchases or as needed. Both have their benefits, but which is the purchasing strategy for your business?

Buying packaging material in bulk from Design Packaging & Tapes has the following benefits:

  1. It’s cheaper per item. Being able to order in bulk, especially if you’re planning to outfit your business with packaging material for the next 6 months, will save you a tremendous amount of money. The more you order from Design Packaging & Tapes, the less it costs for the individual unit.
  2. You won’t have to worry about running out of packaging materials if you buy in bulk. Corrugated cardboard cartons and packaging tape will last you as long as needed with the correct planning and conserving. You will also always have materials on standby if the need arises. This does, however, cost a lot more during the initial purchase.
  3. If your business is concerned about storage space, Design Packaging & Tapes can deliver according to an order agreement so that you will only be sent the packaging materials that you require per month or set term. This means you will always receive your packaging materials every month after your bulk purchase.

Buying packaging material month-to-month does cost more over a lengthy period of time. However, there are those who use very little packaging material, and therefore only make their purchase once every few months and according to their needs. In these instances you can place your order with Design Packaging & Tapes, and we’ll ensure that your packaging material is delivered to you speedily.

For the finest supplier of packaging tape, corrugated cardboard cartons and strapping material contact Design Packaging & Tapes today!