Creating the perfect product packaging requires the dual input during the production phase. Nowadays, a product’s packaging is more than just a carton box, and packages often feature clever designs for both practical functions and eye-catching design.

For those that have had any experience in manufacturing either a simple carton box or any other package will realise that these are two very different and sometimes conflicting dynamics toward packaging development.

The Design 

When designing a carton box for a particular product, it is important that only the best designers are involved. They will attempt to capture all the elements that make a particular brand unique, translating the ethos of the product itself, into a design that will attract the necessary target market. Sounds easy, no?

This is a challenge worthy of any self-assuming graphic design guru, however, when it comes to transplanting those designs onto a very practical carton box, a number of problems develop.

The Engineering 

A packaging engineer is usually in charge of designing the actual physical aspects of the carton box itself. The elements that the engineer is in charge of include space and size dimensions, how the package open and closes, and how the user engages with the package.

The carton box package engineer often has very little to do with the package design, and because the designer knows only limited points concerning the product build, if there is no respectable collaboration the final package may end up being a disaster.

  • Designers must understand the production process regarding the package.
  • Designers must also understand how a package carton box is folded and prepped, allowing them to add critical design elements in spaces that can be seen.
  • Packaging engineers must understand that two different systems are used to design a physical package and design the graphics that are to be transposed onto the carton. This will allow them to translate important information to the designer to take into account.

Make sure that designers and engineers work hand in hand when designing product packaging, from the simple carton box to the most complex die-cut package.

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