Some of you may be noticing the upcoming trend that is the food truck. Fresh, organic culinary specialities are intelligently created and delivered for consumers from the easily-accessible side of a food truck, positioned near areas with high volumes of traffic, and even higher quantities of paper in people’s wallets.

These food trucks, frequenting events and concerts, make use of carton trays on which to serve their products. These carton trays are often not even branded, further allowing businesses to cut costs.

How do customers translate carton trays?

  • Carton trays give customers the perception that the food is organic, offering a more rustic appeal in the delivery of fresh food.
  • The simple carton tray also intelligently makes the food the centre of the attention. There’s no clever or brightly coloured packaging. The food markets itself.
  • The tray, without any further limitations such as lids etc. also illustrate the ‘fresh’ aspect of the foods. By serving meals on an open tray, customers are led to believe that the meal was immediately prepared, and therefore immediately dispensed.

Fast-Food Businesses Should Not Miss Out On The Clever Marketing Trend Of Carton Trays

Simply put, many fast-food businesses and restaurants could learn a thing or two from smaller businesses that make use of carton trays. Carton trays are a much cheaper packaging solution for those businesses that are serving freshly produced food to a growing customer base that is looking for a cleaner, leaner and more organic fast-food service.

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