There is a business in the United States called ReWall. The business’ function is recycling, and its source of revenue originates from manufacturing bricks used for the construction industry. But these bricks are no ordinary bricks made from sand and rock compounds. ReWall Solutions bricks are made from recycled corrugated cartons, and businesses from all over the states have begun using their recycled products!

How Are Cardboard Carton Bricks Made? 

The technology used to make the recycled corrugated carton bricks and ceiling boards is heat-pressing, which uses every part of the retail carton, including plastic lids and aluminium covering. After being shredded, the materials are put into a press that exudes an enourmous weight on the material, and applies heat. This bonds all the fibres in the recycled cardboard carton, and forms a single, solid mass of moisture free material.

This can then be cut down into brick-shaped blocks and repressed, or cut into boards for use on ceilings. The big challenge for the business is convinving new clients that the material can actually be used for construction of any scale, as the market still feels uneasy when making homes and ceiling boards from recycled corrugated carton.

Benefits Of Corrugated Carton Recycled Building Products 

There are a few benefits associated with the use of recycled cardboard as a construction medium. These are:

  1. The costs of large heat pressing has advanced the industry to the point where the manufacturing of these particular products is a lot cheaper than the manufacturing of standard bricks.
  2. The recycled building material is very lightweight, making construction easier, but is still as strong as conventional materials. Additionally, the synthetic compounds of modern cardboard packaging makes the products water retardant.
  3. Ultimately, corrugated cardboard recycled building materials are sustainably made. By using waste products, constructors are actually doing more to help sustain the environment.

By recycling corrugated cardboard and using it as a suitable material for construction, there are fewer reasons not to use corrugated cardboard for all product packaging. For the best corrugated cardboard packaging solution, contact Design packaging today!