Ask the teen on the street, and he’ll give you a completely different set of priorities and goals to the more conservative ‘elderly’. The different mindset between generations makes it exceptionally difficult for brands to market themselves toward different demographics. This fact also impacts the process of packaging design, because packaging supplies need to adhere to a number of key design elements to be appreciated by both the young and the old! Take a look at these 3 important generational gap differences, and how best to overcome them.

Ease Of Opening or Old-Fashioned Design 

Here’s a problem for modern product manufacturers: older customers prefer traditionally designed packaging. This means that they are less likely to opt for a newfangled product with creative and different packaging. The conflict ensues because the younger market appreciates convenience when sourcing a product. Easy-opening packaging supplies seem to sell products when the younger consumer is faced with similar products. New, ease-of-use packaging supplies tend to be a bit more creatively designed, threatening the interests of older customers. Packaging supplies manufacturers have to ensure that they retain the traditional element of package shape and design, even when including features that improve packaging convenience.

Big Things Don’t Come In Small Packages

Brands are spending less money on packaging supplies in terms of material quantity. Rather, more money is being devoted toward the research, development, and implementation of newly designed packages. This is because the younger market is looking for clever, unique, integrated, organic and sustainable packaging; if those features are any giveaway, modern packaging has been slimmed down. Unfortunately, the older market prefers bigger and older-fashioned packaging. Brands need to be wary of including modern features, such as slimmer packaging or packaging with integrated technological features. Plenty of research needs to be done to ensure that no portion of the market is alienated.

Fantastic Font

Font, as well as the language used on the packaging, can also alienate older customers. How? The older demographics prefer bigger fonts, as well as more conventional sales copy and relevant information. New brands and brands looking to target a younger audience tend to be a little more creative and tongue-in-cheek, offering a unique approach to copy on packaging supplies. When developing new packaging, make sure that you communicate with your creative agency that you are looking for copy that accommodate both young and old consumers.

Keep an eye out for issues that may be translated very differently by people of different ages. If you intend on targeting consumers of all ages, you will need to adapt your product packaging accordingly.

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