E-commerce is rapidly gaining ascension in the retail world. The only reason why store-front retail is still more powerful than digital retail is because of the importance of groceries, and the consumer trend of purchasing perishables over the counter. However, for those brands that market goods that are required less often than perishables, e-commerce is becoming the most powerful selling and marketing strategy.

Clicks Sees The Light 

South African retail giant, Clicks, is the newest retail chain taking advantage of the e-commerce trend. The brand has realised that shoppers have fine-tuned their needs, and can quickly choose toiletry and medication items from an easy-to-use online tool. Clicks believes that, although the local market has been slowly adapting to digitalisation, the best way of streamlining sales is to harness a digital and ‘brick-and-mortar’ sales campaigns. The wealth of knowledge that the customer is exposed to online means that they can easily attain information regarding health products and medication, allowing them to make purchasing decisions without the need for an informative sales team.

Packing As A Point-of-Contact 

In the e-commerce environment, retail brands need to identify that their only point of contact with the consumer is through the e-commerce packaging. Packaging, therefore, needs to adapt to this radical change of ‘environment’. For Clicks, it’s the realisation that retail packaging is not just a plastic bag with the products thrown in. Durable, inexpensive and attractive packaging is the name of the game. Products need to reach point A from point B without being damaged, while still remaining attractive enough to entice the consumer for a ‘second bite’.

The same goes for all brands adapting toward the e-commerce trend. Make sure that you enquire about packaging options that can be integrated into an e-commerce packaging supply chain. Take a look at Design Packaging’s protective packaging supplies, assisting you in building a customised packaging solution to protect your packaging upon delivery.