Sports; the love of (almost) every man’s existence. Competitive sports excite, disappoint, thrill, yet ultimately engross most people, whether they be sportsmen themselves or just fans. Sports grab so many people’s attentions that brands have to realize a sports event’s capacity to drive marketing. It’s for this reason that sporting event packaging has gained considerable momentum in recent years. But there is a way to use sporting event packaging to your advantage. Take a look and see how your product and brand can benefit.

1. Sporting event packaging must apply to your brand 

There is little use in developing sporting event packaging if your brand has absolutely nothing to do with sports. If your product cannot be used in conjunction with, or enjoyed during a sporting event, then you shouldn’t implement sporting event packaging. People will see straight through such a strategy. However, food manufacturers will do well on this front. Any food can be enjoyed while watching sports on TV, particularly snacks and drinks. Make use of the upcoming Olympics on your food packaging to drive sales.


2. Don’t allow the sporting event to overtake your brand 

Make sure that your packaging doesn’t radically change the way you package your product. Packaging must largely remain the same, but consider changing labels and colours in conjunction with the sports event. This way customers will connect the dots and appreciate the relationship between your conventional packaging and your sporting event makeover.

3. Find your niche 

Your brand may be able to take advantage of less popular sporting events. While many brands may design product packaging specifically for the Olympics this year, many brands forget about the interest in sporting events like Wimbledon or the PGA Masters. Those customers with interest in less popular sports than the likes of soccer, cricket or rugby (in South Africa of course) are going to be thrilled at the custom packaging designs.

Sporting event packaging is not a strategy often utilised by South African brands. Many brands may not have the financial or legal capacity to use sporting events’ logos or trademarks, but have you considered local sporting events? Many sports organisations would love the support.

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