Yes, we know it’s February already, but we thought we’d give you a heads-up as to what the market expects from product packaging in the year 2016 and, in turn, how we can make these trends work for you and your brand. Here’s a short list of packaging trends to expect in the year 2016:

  1. Customers and consumers are looking for clear labelling and concise information on the packaging. Customers have taken this one step further by expecting to see the actual product. Die-cut corrugated cardboard boxes are the perfect solution to this requirement because of die cut boxes’ ability to have windows die cut into their shape.
  2. Customers are looking for for sustainable methods of packaging. This actually makes corrugated cardboard boxes incredibly attractive forms of packaging because they are environmentally ‘friendly’ when compared to plastic packaging measures. New materials are also being developed on a continual basis that help make corrugated cardboard a better product for sustainable use.
  3. In a day and age where people are looking for more creativity, packaging is required to be more flexible. Interesting and creative packaging designs can be replicated perfectly onto die cut corrugated boxes because of the state-of-the-art machinery and tools. As long as a box can be shaped, and is still functional, then the only limit is one’s creativity.
  4. Another trend in 2016 will be that of economic packaging. Gone are the days where the packaging equals the costs of product production. Again, cardboard packaging is one of the cheaper materials on the market and really allows brands to cut costs that are normally exaggerated ‘modern’ plastic packaging.

Ultimately, 2016 will be a year in which packaging needs to be both simple yet creative. Brands are also looking for cheaper methods of packaging their products, but they are still concerned about the environmental impact of their packaging.

If your brand is looking for cutting-edge corrugated cardboard packaging products then make sure you contact Design Packaging & Tapes today. We have the cardboard packaging solution for you!