Steel strapping, understandably, is the heaviest form of protective strapping and is great for all those large packages. If your business deals in large packages and shipping, then you’ll require the services of some hardy steel strapping and the reliability offered by this superior packaging equipment. But steel strapping really sounds quite extreme… does your business really need to go to the extent of steel application?

Well, this is when you should be using steel strapping:

  1. Shipping. As mentioned before, this is where steel strapping is mostly used. Larger packages that require shipping will benefit from the protection offered by steel strapping. Steel polymers are significantly weaker than steel strapping, and in an environment where packages are moved often, and packages can come under the pressure of extreme weights, polymers will shatter or tear, leaving your package at the will of the ship it is travelling on.
  2. The same applies for any large package using rail as a form of travel.
  3. Packages going by air tend to be smaller, but in those cases when larger packaging is going via air freight then steel strapping will come in handy.
  4. Any strapping that will be exposed to the elements will also benefit from the steel application rather than the polymer type. This is because the sun weakens the polymer chords, and they can eventually snap or break. Steel strapping is not weakened by the sun, however if used on metal packages then the steel may corrode, but this will only occur over a very long period of time.
  5. Steel strapping can be used for a number of other applications. If you need to tie down large outdoor items, then steel strapping can lend a helping hand. The marketing industry uses a lot of steel strapping to set up billboards, signage and stands. This is a quick and easy method of offering extra stability to those items that only need to be tied down for a relatively short period of time.

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