Who says that the industrial sector doesn’t deserve its own packaging tools and materials? Even the big, strong stuff requires a little bit of support and protection every now and then. That’s why steel strapping was invented. If you’re combining two or more industrial grade and sized items to be incorporated as one package, then steel strapping is the tool and material for your business to use. Steel strapping has a number of other uses too.

  • Steel strapping can be used in a non-packaging format to hold down large items to a surface or another item. Where a ‘quick fix’ or temporary structural reinforcement is required, steel strapping is more than strong enough to do the job.
  • Steel strapping reinforces the existing packaging or the actual item itself. Yes, the industrial-grade item may be strong enough on its own, but that extra bit of reinforcement while moving the item may call upon the services of some steel strapping.
  • Steel strapping is the strongest form of strapping on the market, so if you already use strapping in your business, but the current strapping is not strong enough, then maybe you require steel strapping. Just remember that steel strapping has almost no ability to stretch, so if your package requires a little play so that it does not damage a fragile item, then steel strapping may not be the answer.

Bright or galvanized steel strapping is the most common form of steel strapping, and can be used in all of the above-mentioned formats. It is also the cost efficient form of strapping and can be easily incorporated into any industrial businesses production chain. Steel strapping also comes in a painted and/or wax covered format. This is for those fragile items that require a little bit of play to avoid being cut by the strong steel strapping.

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