Filament tape is one of the most versatile tapes on the market and is used in industries such as food packaging to simple office administration. What makes filament tape so unique is that it is made with thin strands of fibreglass, giving the tape a tensile strength that is unmatched when compared to other tapes of the same size.

But what makes filament tape so important?

And what are some ingenious ways of using the tape?

Superior Strength 

Because the filament tape is so much stronger than any other tape on the market with the same size, the filament tape cannot be torn. If there is any weakness regarding filament tape is that it can be split lengthways with a little bit of force. However, this is unlikely to happen if applied properly and in events whereby the filament deals with excessive pressure.

This means that the tape is a requirement within the packaging industry as well as the office. Filament tape can be used to bind corrugated boxes in the office as well as the factory floor, and because of its strength it can also be a great tape that bundles items.

Clever Uses For Filament Tape 

We’ve found that there are a number of uses for filament tape, and uses that justify your business keeping a supply of filament tape in store.

  1. Filament tape can be used to secure pallets used in the office and storage spaces. Storing items is a common requisite in the office, yet stored items often need to be moved around. Filament tape can bundle pallets and boxes in groups, securing the weights in place until the goods are needed.
  2. Filament tape is used in the automotive manufacturing industry for its ability as an adhesive and the bundling properties it offers those working on the factory floor. This means that filament tape should be found in every garage, and can be used on metal surfaces as an edge application for welding or painting. It excells in this regard because of the lack of residue that it leaves on the surface once removed.
  3. Bundling wires or conduits? Filament tape doesn’t conduct electricity, so it’s perfect for use around the office when needing a quick-fix strategy for bundling electrical cables and other electronics.

Make sure that your business uses the beneficial properties of filament tape, whether in the corporate office environment or the manufacturing and industrial industry.

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