In a world full of technology, that’s ever changing and evolving, it’s nice when some things stay the same. Take cardboard boxes for instance. Ninety percent of all products shipped across the world are still sent in some form of cardboard packaging. Unfortunately, this means that there are many cardboard boxes filling up refuse/ rubbish dumps. This shouldn’t be so as corrugated cardboard does not lose its usefulness once the package has been opened. There is an unlimited amount of ways you can reuse cardboard boxes. We’ve listed five ideas here to get your creative juices bubbling;

Playhouse: these days children are over saturated and stimulated with an abundance of interactive and electronic toys. The simple cardboard box is often overlooked. But it shouldn’t be. A window here, a door there, and suddenly you’ve transformed an otherwise would-be piece of trash into a playhouse. Watch out for our next blog where we talk about how the cardboard box is important for your child’s development.
Storage: This is an obvious, yet easy and effective way to repurpose your corrugated cardboard boxes. Wrap some twine or decorative tape around it, line the inside with some hessian and now you’ve got the perfect storage unit for trinkets and other goodies – and it barely cost you a thing!
Lightbox: Are you a budding photographer? Make your own lightbox out of a cardboard box. You’ll need a cardboard box, white fabric, packing tape, and white cardboard paper. All you need to do is cut windows into the sides and top of a cardboard box. Then, tape white fabric or tissue paper to the windows and then fit a slightly bent piece of white cardboard paper to create a blank background. To top it all off, cover the outside of the fabric covered windows with black cardboard paper – to block the light as needed. You can then use flashes or lamps to create your desired lighting effect.
Crafts: Cardboard is the cornerstone of any craft project. The only supplies you’ll need are plenty of cardboard and some everyday items, like glue, that you’re bound to have lying around the house. Lacking inspiration? The internet is flooded with creative things that will keep you, or your child, entertained for hours on end.
Spoil your pets; cut corrugated cardboard boxes to size, glue them to each other and create the perfect cat scratching post. It won’t matter if it gets ripped up – and the best part? It doesn’t break the bank like so many other pet toys. Cardboard boxes can also cheaply entertain your hamsters or other gerbils if you create runs for them. It also doubles up as chew toys. For larger animals, playhouses would also work and keep your pets occupied for hours on end!

Think twice before tossing your cardboard box out – its host to an endless amount of opportunities!