It’s certainly not the most exciting thing you can own, and it isn’t an item that springs to mind in the midst of a crisis. But it offers more functional benefits than you ever could imagine. Double-sided tape can certainly be considered your best-kept secret. Whether you need to repair something or are having trouble getting items to stay in a fixed position double-sided tape is the answer! We’ve listed a few instances where double sided tape can change your life;

Arts & Crafts

Whether you are a professional graphic designer, scrap booker or a 5-year-old with an imagination, double sided tape will revolutionise the way your projects are done. Not only can it be used for bonding items together, but you can come up with crafty ways of using it – like rolling it through glitter or creating pop-up, 3D effects.


Slipping or tripping is some risky business and it can be easily avoided by using double-sided tape! Apply double-sided tape to the bottom edges of any carpets or rugs and then press firmly against the floor. This will prevent you from tripping over any of those pesky corners that like to curl over! Double-sided tape can also be used on stairs. Similarly, to applying double sided tape to your carpets and rugs, you can place it on the treads of your stairs to avoid slipping. All you have to do is apply double-sided tape to the bottom of the stair treads (cut to size) and then place it on the stairs!


Did you ever think you could use double-sided tape to help you with your beauty routine? Well, think again. Some women like to or have to, use wigs. Double sided tape helps the wig stay in place all through the day – keeping a natural appearance.


Double-sided tape is a fashionista’s dream. It helps keep clothing in place like pesky colours that don’t lie flat, or belt straps don’t sit perfectly together. Additionally, the tape can be used to keep the fabric attached to the skin; creating a tailored and well-presented look. Make sure you keep a roll of double-sided tape in your bag in case of a fashion emergency!


You can use certain types of doubled-sided tape as a protective measure for the screen of your smartphone. Should your screen crack or get damaged, double-sided tape can be a quick and cheap alternative for replacing the whole screen.

If you think outside the box, or even just follow the tips above, there are some brilliant ways that you can use double sided tape. If you’re unsure of what type of tape to use when then feel free to contact us and we’ll offer some advice!