A lot of the food that gets distributed around the world never makes it onto a plate. According to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, food is often so badly packaged that it spoils before it reaches its destination. Often, food gets to the supermarket shelves, but is not bought quickly enough and so, passes its use-by date. All this waste is often due to poor packaging.

The impact of packaging

People complain about the environmental impact of food packaging, particularly if it is not an eco-friendly variety, but packaging has less of an impact on the environment that spoiled food and malnourishment.

Using food packaging effectively, means that more food reaches its destination and can stay on shelves longer. Vacuum packaging meat for example gives it a much longer shelf life – up to 6 days longer!

As long as consumers are practising good recycling habits, stores can ditch the “deli counter” sales method and reduce tons of waste each year, by keeping food properly packaged until it is ready to be cooked and consumed.

Grocery stores can get creative with their packaging and marketing, and save even more waste by packaging an entire meal together, for one or two people. This saves on needless plastic wrap for each individual item, when it will be consumed at the same time.
Consumer Education
Consumers, on the other hand, need to be aware of the different types of food packaging like self-seal bags and plastic wrap that is available. This will encourage people to repackage food that is not used, or defrosted but not cooked, to consume it at a later date. This simple change in food preparation and storage habits will drastically reduce not only food waste, but also spending and consumption too.

Food waste emits tonnes of carbon dioxide into the earth’s atmosphere, in fact, this has such a detrimental effect on the environment that it is better to package food correctly and increase the demand for better recycle efforts, than let food go to waste.

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